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Operation Warp Speed: COVID-19

Posted December 18, 2020 – EFP, LLC. (or EFP) a leader in the design and manufacturing of custom protective packaging and cold chain solutions, today announced its role in Operation Warp Speed to safely distribute COVID-19 vaccines.

Operation Warp Speed to safely distribute COVID-19 vaccines.

EFP congratulates the vaccine manufacturers that have gained Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) for their COVID-19 vaccines that are being released in the first waves this month.

Last week, EFP started mass production of our proprietary line of eQUAL branded pre-qualified cold chain shippers to help distribute COVID-19 vaccines. EFP has manufacturing facilities strategically placed across the United States. These facilities allow the company to reach front line workers responsible for administering the first wave of COVID-19 vaccines. EFP’s expanded polystyrene (EPS) shippers provide the vaccines with the required temperature-controlled environment for distribution to hospitals, nursing homes, pharmacies and other facilities administering the vaccine.


“EFP has a team of experts that work exclusively with temperature-controlled solutions creating the fastest and safest route for a healthcare product,” stated Ray Pidock, Director of Temperature Solutions at EFP. “Vaccines need to stay at a consistent temperature during transit to maintain efficacy while being delivered to the patient. When you go to your local pharmacy, EFP is right there with you, safely delivering the vaccine into your pharmacists’ hands. We are prepared to play a prominent role in distributing COVID-19 vaccines nationwide. Our shipping solutions mitigate risk for end users and ensure product integrity throughout the supply chain.”

About EFP, LLC.

Founded in 1954, EFP, LLC. is a leader in protective packaging, consumer packaging, cold chain solutions, and packaging supply chain services. Headquartered in Elkhart, Indiana, EFP also has locations in Evansville, Indiana, La Vergne, Tennessee, and Decatur, Alabama providing coverage to mid-America from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico. EFP is owned by J.B. Poindexter & Co., a privately held, diversified manufacturing company with operating subsidiaries throughout North America. EFP is committed to innovating current products, creating sustainable solutions, and providing services that support our corporate purpose of Protecting What Matters. For more information, visit www.efpcorp.com.

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