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Since 2008, EFP has been working with Third-Party Logistics (3PL’s) to convert packaging inventory space into product inventory space. Most 3PL’s are concerned with the amount of space that is dedicated to cold chain packaging. Their biggest struggle includes dealing with freezing and storage of 0°F gel packs.

Cold chain packaging is, by nature of the insulation, large and bulky. Truckloads of these boxes consume a considerable amount of space in a typical ambient warehouse. Many pharmaceutical manufacturers have this packaging design to fit specific product payloads – typically case stock. Once these designs have been qualified, they can be locked in for the life of the product.

EFP continues to work with the warehouse, shipping, and compliance teams at our 3PL customers to drive the packaging toward standardized pre-qualified sizes. This initiative actively helps our customers reduce the number of packaging SKU’s and simplify their pack lines and touches.



Furthermore, EFP partners with cold storage warehouses to pre-condition refrigerants to reduce the freezer and refrigerator space required to store gels. Typically, it takes 21 days to freeze a full pallet of gels. Pre-conditioned gels have the same effect as pre-qualified packaging, thus, reducing the amount of valuable warehouse space dedicated to packaging equals more space for revenue producing products.

EFP has a full-service, ISTA-certified thermal lab to confirm that your product(s) pack outs will be protected in transits between 36 hours to 144 hours. We utilize thermal simulation capabilities to speed package development. We have over 30 off-the-shelf prequalified designs available. EFP will qualify your client’s products in our existing pack outs and provide step by step instructions to your team members.

Consider EFP your “trusted advisor” and allow us to work with your clients directly and promote the sensible practice of standardizing your cold chain packaging. We can help you turn packaging storage space into product space.

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