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Walk-In Thermal Testing Chamber

Thermal testing for Cold Chain shipping is becoming more important to companies every year with the growing need to send items with various transit times that require a certain temperature range throughout the transit period. The Center of Excellence has recently installed a walk-in thermal testing chamber to help keep up with the growing demands of the cold chain industry to provide clients with a faster solution to their shipping needs.

A walk-in thermal chamber allows for more precise testing of a client’s potential pack out. Utilizing up to 144 thermocouple probes, the chamber is able to monitor data inside and around the payload at multiple points. The large amount of probes provided by the chamber also allows for a multitude of samples to be analyzed at once, resulting in faster results for our clients. The increased space and probe count versus that of a normal sized chamber provides the perfect setting to analyze pallet sized cold chain shippers, monitoring multiple points inside the shipment for any desired temperature range deviations that may occur.

Sometimes packing out the samples for a client can be the most crucial time to create accurate results during a test. The room temperature environment of the testing lab may be radically different than the conditions a client will be packing their products in. The walk-in chamber allows for an accurate representation of a client’s packing environment by utilizing a temperature controlled enclosure that can easily simulate the packing conditions of a client. Humidity can even be controlled within the chamber to replicate the air moisture at a client’s packaging facility.

Energy efficiency and environmental impact are always a concern in the testing world, and the walk-in chamber addresses both prominent issues. Running even nine samples in a smaller chamber could take two or three runs to get all of the results, and each run being 48-72 hours will require a lot of run-time energy. The walk-in chamber would efficiently run these samples in one cycle, saving overall energy usage by a significant amount. The test chambers also utilize refrigerants which are environmentally safe, non-flammable, non-explosive and have a zero ODP (Ozone Depletion Potential). Using non-CFC coolants ensure that should a leak happen there will be no damage to the environment or the ozone layer.

If you have a need for shipping pallet sized Cold Chain shipments or a multitude of Cold Chain items that need testing as quickly as possible, don’t hesitate to contact us today and our Center of Excellence can begin to work on a custom solution for you!

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